Wednesday, October 29, 2008

could i get any bigger?

I am now 41 weeks, 5 days pregnant. I can't believe the baby hasn't come yet. This waiting business is hard! Here's a belly shot I took about an hour ago. I am pretty uncomfortable at this point. It is very difficult to get anything done now. The baby is so low that I am having a lot of pressure and my back hurts a lot. I was able to take a nice, long walk outside this morning (thanks, heather, for watching my kids!). During the walk, I had pretty consistent contractions, but they slowed down after I came home. I've had contractions off and on all day. I would love to have this baby tonight! (Please, Lord!) I am about to go to bed. Pray, friends!

Just wanted to give an update. Pray that I will continue to remember that the Lord has the perfect day (and hour and minute!) for this baby to come into the world.

Take care,



  1. Wow, Lora....
    This is like looking back for me.
    Two of mine were over and they were both 11 lbs.
    Hope this is not the case for you!
    At this point, all that little munchkin is doing right now is gaining weight!
    Praying for a safe delivery for you...and a baby smaller than a mini refrigerator!

  2. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Pat Morton here. Do you remember me? We met at Harvest Fest when you were pregnant with #1

    Wow! Hard to believe that baby #4 is on the way! congratulations - I'm guessing that you feel the Father's delight in your role as mom - what a gift to the future of the church and the world.
    The last email from you, you were in the process of moving. My primary email address is
    I pray that as you give birth, the Presence of the Lord will fill the room and joy will resound. Take care and I'd love to try to keep in touch.

    Lord, release incredible abundance into the Rogers' family and bless them with all that is in Your Kingdom!
    Love from your Texas sister in the Lord, Pat



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