Friday, October 31, 2008

the character of God

As I wait for this baby to come, lots of thoughts have been racing through my head. I have been tempted (and unfortunately, sometimes given in) to being discouraged, angry, fearful and anxious. I spent some much needed alone time with the Lord yesterday and He showed me some pretty amazing things that I really needed to be reminded of.

He showed me that the devil loves to make us forget the character of God, the basic principles of who He is. When we forget these things, we are powerless and easily give in to those negative emotions I wrote of in the first paragraph.

These are the characteristics of God that we need to constantly put in the front of our minds and hearts:

1. God is trustworthy.
2. God is good.
3. God loves me.
4. God wants what is best for me.
5. God can see what I can't see and knows what I don't know.

When we truly get ahold of these basic truths, how can we ever doubt Him and the way He chooses to work in our lives? (esp when we don't understand His ways)

I've been trying to remember these things as I apply them to my situation with waiting for this baby to come. He knows what He is doing and His timing is perfect. Even if I have to be induced, I can trust Him. I can know that He is truly in control and loves me and loves this baby. How comforting that is!

I will be two weeks overdue tomorrow. I went to the ob today and I am 1 cm dialated, 60% effaced and -1 station. They have moved my induction to begin on Monday night. The midwife is going to try using a prostaglandin gel first and hopefully that will kick my labor in gear, without having to use pitocin. They have been really great at trying to work with me so that I will avoid if at all possible using pitocin. I am thankful for that.

I am still praying that I will not have to be induced at all and that I will go into labor on my own before Monday night. We'll see... But either way, I am peaceful, knowing that I serve a God that is much bigger than all of this and that cares for me and for this child way more than I ever could.

Have a blessed night and weekend,



  1. God bless you Lora!! i know exactly how you feel!! you are not alone!!
    c'mon Lord! let this baby come now!!

    love you...


  2. Hi Lora!

    If you do end up looking at an induction, see if they will try just breaking your water after the prostaglandin before the Pitocin. I really don't know why that's not an option they do regularly, they used to do that, I guess there is a small risk of cord prolapse and so maybe they like to see it break naturally if it will. NOTHING happened with me even on Pitocin until they broke my water. I've decided that if I end up preggo again, I will likely end up being induced again as the liver thing I had recurs at a rate of 90%, then I will ask if they can just try breaking my water first. They ended up even turning my Pitocin all the way down because the water breaking did the trick. Everyone is different, but it's worth trying to avoid Pitocin if you're going for a natural birth, though I did make it to transition (didn't know I was in transition at the time but I was complete maybe 30 minutes after my epidural) without any pain meds; had I know I was so far along I may have stuck it out, so it couldn't have been too bad since I don't even have Bradley under my belt. I know several women who have had natural labor with Pitocin too, so I guess it's very individual. Since you already have three labors under your belt you'll probably do fine with the Pitocin, your body will know what to do once it gets going. And they can turn it all the way down if that happens. The only deal, which I'm sure you know, is that it can cause irregular strong contractions from the get go, which is what happened to me with Maddie, but again, I had a much easier time with it with Norah. So, I'm trying to ease your mind since I've had it twice but I'm not sure if I'm succeeding, LOL! Sorry! I've been checking up on you obsessively, can't wait to virtually meet the new little one!


  3. I so can relate to much of your post - the emotions and characteristics of God part. Sounds almost identical to all I went through before Anna was born and with the adoption process. I am praying for you. Wow, God's characteristics are amazing!!! What an honor that we have such an awesome God. Makes me want to cry.

    As much as you are ready to give birth, know there are those here in GA eagerly awaiting your good news of a new one in your family!



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