Saturday, September 20, 2008

thanks for praying!

To all those who prayed for me for my booth this week, thank you so much! I can definitely feel the prayers! It has gone very well so far. The Lord has truly blessed all my hard work. I am so honored that so many people have liked my creations enough to buy them. I pray that they will be blessed by the work of my hands and that they will grow closer to the Lord somehow through having those things, whether it be a quilt, a necklace, or a bag. God has shown up already in the last three days in incredible ways, and I have seen that these things I am making are not "little" to Him. He can take anything, large or small, and use it for His glory! It's really exciting.

I'll share more about it all when its all over (Wednesday). I've got to make more jewelry tonight and get more supplies tomorrow to make even more so I'll be all stocked up again on Monday when the second round begins. That's a really good problem to have!

Have a blessed Sunday,


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