Friday, September 26, 2008

stories from my booth

Well, its been a busy couple of weeks! The booth for eager hands was a huge success! I am just praising God for His favor. I had a great time connecting with people. And the Lord gave me lots of opportunities to pray for people, mostly women who want to get pregnant. It's interesting to me how God brings those women to me so much. I have such a heart for children, and its such a blessing for me to pray for their wombs and speak life over their bodies! It was also a joy for me to give away some of things I made to people to bless them and speak into the situations they are going through. I am so grateful for the gifts the Lord has given me and how He has anointed my hands to bring joy and encouragement and His presence into their lives.

On one of the first days of the conference, a man came into my booth and said to me, "The Lord wants you to know that these are not "little things" to Him." That touched me so much because sometimes I am tempted to belittle the things that I have made. God has shown me through this past week that He can use even the smallest thing to touch someone's heart and draw them closer to Him. Even a necklace can be a reminder to someone of the His love and purpose for their lives.

Here's a picture of a sweet lady that came into my booth and bought this necklace and earrings from me. As I was making this necklace, the pendant reminded me of the earth, or more specifically, the four corners of the earth, with the shell discs surrounding it, representing the peoples of the earth. I feel like it represents God's glory going into the whole earth and spreading to His people. I know that somehow Elaine (the lady in the picture) is going to be part of that! That's just an example of how these necklaces, scarves, blankets, etc. can have meaning and symbolism to the people that wear them.

Another example of how God worked is with a woman named Robin that came into my booth in a wheelchair. She has cerebral palsy. She told me how she and her husband are believing God to give them another child, even though it seems like it's not possible. She pointed to a particular quilt in my tent that gave her hope as she touched the fabric. I ended up giving her that quilt and laid it on her lap and prayed over her that the Lord would do a miracle in her body and give her another baby. We prayed together that the quilt would be a physical reminder to her of that day and the prayers that went up. It was a precious time. To me, that's what its all about!! That's the biggest blessing of all for me as I make things with my hands. To God be the glory!!

Here's a picture of the quilt (it happened to be my favorite, too!)

Now, I need to get down to business and start preparing for this baby!! Only 3 weeks to go! Wow, the time has flown by. I am excited to meet this new little one that I know will bring lots of joy to my life.

Have a blessed weekend,



  1. Lora....What a blessing to be used by God as you were these past few weeks and what precious confirmation from God regarding "little things". Each one of us needs to remember this every day. With God there are no little things as He can multiply our meager efforts to point others to HIM. In the photo of your booth, I saw a lot of love for the Lord there. Love, Diane

  2. Lora, I am so excited to hear all that God did through you the past couple of weeks. What a blessing your things are to people. You are such an inspiration to me to pursue what I know the Lord gave me a gift in. Take care and rest up! I can't believe there's only 3 weeks left.

  3. yay so glad it all went so well! now take a break for goodness' sake! :-) proud of you.


  4. have great testimonies from your booth. I remember when that lady came by and mentioned something about the blanket! Wow...I have to admit I was a little emotional after that story!

  5. Anonymous10:31 AM


    Thank God for His favor! So many were praying for that as you worked through last week. I'm so thankful for the way He used you. Your sweetness and compassion for others was such a gift to those who came to your booth.

    Now just rest and focus on the precious little one coming SOON. We can't wait!


  6. It was such a blessing to see you with your eager hands making such a profit for the week. Not just money wise, but a profit for the kingdom with his people. I love you!



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