Wednesday, September 3, 2008

happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, Leo! You have brought me such laughter and joy since the first day you came into the world three ago. I love you so much! Mommy


  1. Diane4:18 PM

    How well I remember this day...a call from Clint very early saying you were in labor...leaving for Atlanta before the sun came up..stopping my car between here and Columbus to take a picture of the sunrise...saving the picture to give to Leo one day. How very special you are, Leo. We love you.
    Happy Birthday. Grandmama and Grandaddy Rogers.

  2. Corina, the nanny from Switzerland :-)6:14 PM

    it's so wonderful that you're here on earth, and i really miss you and think of you a lot!
    your smile and your little personality impressed me when i shared three months of your life with you.
    once you're older, i guess you forget that in year 2007 you had a nanny named corina. but i won't ever 4get you, leo, my little honey! may God bless you richly and may you be the one laborer that says "here i am, Lord, send me"!
    i wonder what God's call on your life is, but sure it is a good one, because you're daddy in heaven loves you more than anybody else can do!!!

    tell your mommy that she's a really good mother and that i'm a little bit jealous that she has the priviledge to have two wonderful boys, one wonderful girlie, and a baby that will see the light of the world soon :-)

    tell your daddy that he is a wonderful dad, one that cares for the family and loves his wife and children. not many men do that nowadays, he's a really precious gift for you!
    you're blessed, leo, to have such a awesome family!!!

    be richly blessed! i miss you,



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