Sunday, August 10, 2008

busy week

It's been a busy week! My parents came for a visit last Sunday and stayed till Wednesday. We had a great time together. My dad painted one of my guest rooms (thanks for the paint, Jenn!). It's a soft blue-grey. I love it! Great job, Dad! Here's a picture of the end result:

My folks bought me some art supplies so I can dive a little deeper into my growing interest in painting. Here's a painting I did a few days ago of an orchid plant in my kitchen. I am really having a great time with this new form of creative expression! And, I also love the times of worship I have with the Lord as I paint and listen to music.

And I think Benjamin's caught the art bug, too. My parents brought a terrific easel with them for him and he's been drawing on it everyday. Here's a picture of him standing next to his drawing of Thomas the train, his favorite! He even drew a little face on it. Adorable! He was so proud of himself.

Our church also hosted a special service on Friday night with Todd Bentley. It was really great. Thousands of people came from all over and gathered outside to worship and pray for healing for those that were sick and suffering. There were so many wonderful testimonies that night of how God miraculously healed and delivered. It was inspiring. I want to be more bold in sharing the love and healing power of God wherever I go, even if it's in the line at Walmart! God, help me to have spiritual eyes to see what You are doing and how You want to heal those around me. And help me to be unafraid and bold enough to ask someone if I can pray for them if I see a need that I know You can fill. (and You can fill EVERY need!)

Have a blessed week!


  1. Thanks for sharing. GREAT reminder for me to be more aware of what God is saying when we are out and about than what our schedule is. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous10:24 AM

    the bedroom looks great!! i'm gonna have to come see it in person. your dad is super cool! :-) miss you -jenn



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