Thursday, July 3, 2008

baby baby

I went to a baby shower for a friend yesterday. I made her this bib and burp cloth set. They had a sweet rose garden flannel print on one side and a cotton floral on the other. I used a nice sage green thread and a zig zag topstitch. I was pretty pleased with how they turned out. The bib is by far the best one I've made. I copied it after a store bought bib I have. It has a velcro closure at the neck. The burp cloths are pretty simple, but efficient nonetheless. I think my friend liked them.

Also, here's the latest belly shot of me. I am in my 24th week.

I've been crocheting some baby washcloths, too, to sell on my etsy shop. I'll post pictures when I'm done. I also cut out a baby quilt this morning with my new rotary cutter and mat. It went so much quicker than when I used to use plain old scissors. I can't wait to sew it together. The fabrics are really sweet. I am going to give it to a friend or sell it on my shop. I haven't decided yet... Anyway, my hands have been super busy the last few days. It feels good!
Have a blessed fourth of July!


  1. I love your work.... you do it beautifully!
    God to hear from you, and to see that you are doing good....
    Yes, we are doing good!
    Say Hi to Clinton from me, and it's so good to see your face again, after a long time, and your beautiful kids!
    Be blesses

  2. love the baby belly! You do such a great job sewing. I need to follow suit, if I could just get my sewing machine fixed so I don't have to sew backwards all the time...

  3. Hi Lora!!!

    Remember me??? I'm the girl that bought the Bride of Christ bracelet that you made during the Worship and Warfare Conference last year. I just glanced at it this morning, I saw your card and thought I would check out your blog.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Another baby. How wonderful. I love your blog and I'll be checking back now and then.

    I have no news to report on any special dates for me to wear that beautiful bracelet yet, but believe me, I will tell you when it's time. The bracelet that you made when you were so wanting to be at the conference that night will be a special part of my story forever...


  4. you look cute! I LOVED,LOVED, LOVED being pregnant. I cannot wait to do it again!



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