Saturday, June 28, 2008


I made these delicious cookies this morning. I think they are called Jelly Thumprint Cookies. I'm sure most of you have made these classic cookies, but it was a first time for me. They were very easy to make and turned out so yummy! And the best part is, my two year old was able to help me. You should have seen him trying to roll the dough into little balls and then pressing his little thumb into the balls. It was adorable. I used strawberry preserves for the center filling. I just used basic sugar cookie dough. Try 'em! And let me know how they turn out for you!
Hope everyone is having a good Saturday. It is thundering now and the sky is gray. I've had a good day. I've been pretty productive today with cleaning the house. The children have had a fun day, too. Hubby and I took them over to church today for a picnic and then fun on some "jumpy things" they had set up for a Family Reunion Conference going on this weekend. The boys had such fun sliding down the bouncy slide, complete with water! They were soaking wet and happy as can be.
Have a blessed Sunday!

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