Friday, May 23, 2008

train tables and tote bags

My sweet hubby and I have both been busing making things with our hands lately. He's been working on a "secret project" for the boys for about a month now in the garage. A few days ago, he unveiled it to them. He built a fantastic train track on a Thomas the Train board and screwed down the tracks so our little boys can't pull it apart. Then, he put the board on top of an old coffee table he recently salvaged. It looks amazing, and the boys are ecstatic. It keeps their attention for hours and they play together with it pretty well without much fighting. Yeah, Clint!!

And I recently finished sewing a new tote bag/purse for myself out of vintage fabric. It started out as a maternity top, but went terribly wrong, so I cut it up and started over. The tote bag is the end result. I am pretty happy with it. The fabrics make me smile - lovely kelly green with little bright flowers. I felt pretty cool today at the doctor's office carrying my new bag that I made by myself!

Speaking of the doctor, I had a prenatal checkup today. Everything looks great. I love hearing that precious baby heartbeat! And boy, was my little one beating away today and kicking as the midwife put the doppler up to my belly to get the heartrate. Probably had something to do with the sugary drink I had to drink right before for my glucose test. Yuck... But, everything's great and I passed the test. I am almost halfway through my pregnancy! It's flown by. Baby #4 will be here before I know it!

Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, the traintable and the bag are both awesome!!!
    You two are so creative and really blessed in making wonderful things by yourself!!!
    Love, miss you, corina

    p.s. there gonna be lots of pictures of my new home on my homepage soon - we had a "grand opening" yesterday, about 50-80 people came to see our house (not at once, we had open house the whole afternoon and evening)... wow, it was great and my dad took lots of nice pictures :-)



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