Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Michaela, the seventeen year old we have staying with us, went to her senior prom on Friday. Here's a couple pictures of her. She's wearing a dress that my mom bought in 1965 for a New Year's Eve party. Doesn't she look great? Her date Isaac was adorable, too. I love this dress! I wore it to a party the year after I graduated from college. The dress has really been loved well through the years. Maybe Ruth will wear it one day!
What was your prom like? I wore a dress that looked like a bike reflector (it had zigzag sequins of black, silver and white all over it!).


  1. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Dear Lora,
    Please tell Michaela that she looked beautiful! Who knew that that blue dress would be used in so many ways!

  2. Hi Lora, -;@
    While perusing Etsy for vintage linens, came across your beautifully named store and decided to visit your blog as well. I enjoyed taking a couple minutes to see your pics and read about the prayer shower for your friend.

    I'm a Christian mom too and enjoy life with a wonderful husband and three sweeeeet children and an incredible church family here in south Florida. Thanks for finding some time in your day to share your love for Christ and family. I'll try to stop by for a virtual visit from time-to-time...

    God bless you,



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