Tuesday, April 8, 2008

my little sweetie

Here's the latest picture of Ruth. Isn't she adorable? My neighbor gave me this dress - it used to be hers when she was a baby. I love it!

I am finally starting to feel more like myself these days. Not as much morning sickness and fatigue - praise God! I am now in my twelfth week.

We've been busy these past few weeks with houseguests and conferences at church. It's been fun, but tiring. Clint's on a field trip this week at Williamsburg with fifteen eighth graders. Pray for him!

OK- gotta run and get my four year old to pre-school.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. diane5:44 PM

    Oh, what a sweet picture and the dress is darling. I'm a little envious of Ruth's other grandmother up there now visiting and loving on her. Give hugs to Benjamin and Leo for me too.

  2. awwww...so sweet!



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