Tuesday, April 22, 2008

lessons on giving

The Lord's been teaching me a lot lately about giving. About two weeks ago, I was at a conference and they took up an offering. All I had in my wallet was two pennies. So, I put those two pennies in the bucket. I prayed that my "widow's mite" would be multiplied and that God would honor my small offering. About thirty minutes later, I got up and walked around a little (I was feeling a little tired and nauseous). In the church lobby, I ran into a lady who had bought two of my scarves back in the fall. She had been looking for me and asked me to make her another scarf. I had recently finished crocheting one that turned out to be just what she wanted. So we agreed on the price of $20 and got eachother's numbers to plan a meeting to exchange the scarf and the money. I thought about the whole scene of events later that day and was amazed at the goodness of God. In just thirty minutes, God multiplied my small offering by 100! Isn't that awesome!

Since that day, so many more neat things have happened as far as the Lord pouring His favor out on me with monetary gifts. I am so thankful!

For example, on my birthday, my dear hubby said that night, "Lora, I really want to take you out to dinner for your birthday, but we just don't have the money right now." I tried to be supportive and just said, "That's ok, I'll just cook something here at home." But, we still prayed in our living room that if the Lord wanted us to go out that He would provide the money for us to do it. I even walked out to our mailbox fully expecting to find money in there! No money in the mailbox, but a few minutes later, a friend of mine walked by our house with her children and she pulled out $20 out of her pocket to give me! The Lord had led her to put it in her pocket before she took her walk and she knew that He would show her who to give it to as she was walking! When she gave me the money, I burst into tears. The Lord is so good and He is faithful to hear our cries and He knows the desires of our hearts. And that $20 was just enough for us to go to my favorite Chinese restaurant. And our waiter, Ming, even went out and bought me a birthday cake during our dinner and brought it to the table with candles on it! God really blessed me and gave me a special birthday!

So, I've learned that even if you have only two pennies, give them joyfully to the Lord - you never know what He'll do with them! And also, you can't outgive God. He just keeps giving and giving back! He is so good! And He loves a cheerful giver!

Here's a picture of me on my birthday. I was in my van waiting for Clint to come out and take me to dinner!


  1. I hear ya, sister! I was given some pesos by another Mexico. The Lord spoke to me to give it away. A week later we discovered that our tires were shredding and we were preparing to take a trip to Oaxaca (12 hour drive away). The Lord totally provided for us to get brand new tires and have all 4 tires paid for, and we got them at a discount!

    Thanks for sharing your stories! They are such an encouragement.

    Love ~ Val

  2. Lora, thank you SO MUCH for this post. It spoke right to me! What an amazing story you had to share. God is so good, all the time! I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday.

    You're so cute, I can just see you sitting in the van all ready like a little kid waiting to go out to eat :)

  3. Hey girl! So I'm actually heatherbethune.blogspot.com
    Anyway, I'm bringing you some of these brownies-- they're looking really good. And I have this sweet idea I want to tell you about...

  4. you're so gosh-derned perdy. :-)

  5. hey lora!
    This blog-entry is awesome!!!
    i got ill last week, and cause my internet at home is not working, i wasn't able to read you blog til today at work. it's so awesome what God does when we give him our little money, isn't it?
    i'll write you an e-mail later, wanted to answer yours last week but as i said, got ill the whole week... so you'll read more from me soon.
    be richly blessed, and thanks for your encouraging stories!!!
    i'm so thankful to know you, even when there are some thousands of miles between our homes ;-)

    love y'all, corina



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