Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I've been out for the count with a bad case of the flu for the past few days. I've been spending lots of time on the couch and in the bed. In an effort to boost myself up today, on my 33rd birthday, here's a list of 33 things that I love about my life!

(in no particular order of importance, by the way)

33 Things I Love About My Life

1. I get to have hot chocolate every morning if I want to (guess what I'm drinking right now?!)
2. I get to wake up next to the nicest man I know every morning
3. I have three beautiful children that are sweet, too
4. My hair is finally growing out and almost looks cute now
5. I get to talk to God whenever I want and know that He hears me and understands what I am going through
6. Most of my friends here live on my street - how amazing is that?
7. God sent me another helper to live with us and help me with the kids. She is so great. Last night, as I was lying on the couch and totally out of it, she cleaned the kitchen, cooked dinner, and fed the kids. Thank you, Lord!
8. I get to swing on my glider in my screened in porch and enjoy the breeze and the view of my backyard.
9. There are five bluebird eggs in the birdhouse in my yard. Each day, I get to watch the mama bird go inside and check on her babies.
10. I have a working washer and dryer. I remember the days of washing my underwear in my bathroom sink. Thank you, God, for modern appliances!
11. I have a lake that's walking distance from my house that I can walk around every day if I want to.
12. My baby girl is the joy of my life - her smile lights up my heart.
13. My middle boy is full of life and adventure and I love it when he says to me, "Can you hold me? I want to love you."
14. My firstborn is always amazing me with the new words and sentences he is coming up with each day. Today he said as I was trying to coerce him to come away from his train track and get dressed for preschool, "But mom, this is very important to me."
15. God continually amazes me at His provision - before I even ask Him, He provides. A few days ago, I was walking down my street and my neighbor asked me, "Do you need a booster seat?" They were cleaning out their garage. I had just thought a few days ago about the fact that I would need one when the new baby comes. God is so good to me!
16. I am surround by colorful walls - my house makes me happy. I love the fact that there is a tree painted on my wall, too.
17. My pantry is full at the moment.
18. There's a great Chinese restaurant five minutes from my house - I love to eat Crab Rangoon there. The waiter, Ming, and I are on a first name basis. Well, maybe he doesn't always remember my name, but I always know his.
19. I have cash in my wallet right now.
20. I have wonderful supportive parents who are always praying for me and my family.
21. We have two cats, Emmlou and Lester. Although they get on my nerves tremendously at times, it sure is nice to have feet warmers during the night!
22. I can feel the presence of God the most in my kitchen. He meets me in the everyday mundane of my life, and I love that about Him!
23. Pink tulips are blooming around my tree in my front yard.
24. My pastor sent me a birthday card yesterday.
25. I love to sew baby blankets, accessories, purses, etc for friends. It really makes my heart smile.
26. My husband left me love notes for each day he was away last week. He still makes an effort, after seven years, to woo me and make me feel special. Oh, and he left me a box of luna bars, too!
27. I love that I know how to make jewelry. It's such a great hobby.
28. My mother and father in law are the best. I couldn't have picked better ones. God really blessed me with them!
29. God has given me lots of wonderful friends here in South Carolina. I am really grateful for that!
30. I have a womb full of life right now! Thank you, Lord, for this baby (or babies - you never know!) You are growing inside me!
31. I have two great brothers and three wonderful sisters-in-law.
32. I know I am going to heaven when I die and I'll be with Jesus forever!
33. I am on #33 now and I've got plenty more things I could put on this list!

Have a great day everyone! I feel better already.


  1. Happy Birthday to you!

  2. Happy Birthday, Lora! I loved reading your list!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! So glad you are in my life!

  4. I thought about calling you yesterday, but then hesitated. I wish I didn't because I could have sung you a Happy Birthday song! Well, close your eyes and remember my off key voice! I love you!

  5. I love the list. We all have so much to be thankful for.

    Happy birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day.

    I came across a site that I thought you would enjoy. It's http://orgjunkie.com/ She's like FlyLady, but with a much better website! I like the FlyLady's info, I just get so overwhelmed on her site. I hope it helps!



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