Saturday, March 29, 2008

cloudy saturday morning musings and prayer

hi -
its been a long week. ruth's got an ear infection, and my other two are fighting colds. i am dealing with lack of sleep, morning sickness and bizarre cravings. But, we are pressing on!! I am determined to rise above all of this junk and praise the Lord anyway. Does anybody else feel like this? I think that our praise and worship is all the sweeter to Jesus when we don't feel like doing it - when we do it in spite of our feelings and our circumstances. Plus, it makes the devil really mad! I want to model to my children that mommy may not always be happy, but she always turns to Jesus and cries out to Him. I want them to grow up knowing that they can come to Him, no matter what, no matter how they are feeling inside.

Prayer for the Worn Out Mommy (by Lora)

Lord, help me today.
My kitchen's a mess and my floor needs to be mopped
My kids are all sick and my yelling needs to be stopped
I want to be better as a mother and spouse,
But its hard not to feel defeated when I look around at my house.

Lord, you know my heart and you've heard my cries
I need to come alive - Lord, please ENERGIZE!
Give me fresh vision and prayers for my babies
And help me to be the best wife to my sweetie

I know that You can do all things
So, Lord, I'm asking you, today
Fill me up with your peace and Your Spirit
And let Your love guide all my ways

Praying for all my fellow mommies out there today. We can do it! With God, all things are possible!


  1. Thanks for the encouragement! I love the prayer and will pray for you! I'm 28 weeks pregnant, getting bigger by the day, and having Braxton Hicks... I'm trying to nap when Samuel naps and put my feet up when possible. The cleaning will have to wait. (This coming from a cleaning freak until recently.)

    Love ya!

  2. Amen girl!! I am praying for you! I have been so encouraged by you. Keep on pressing on and relying on God's strength to help you through it! Love you!

  3. Love the prayer. We are due with #3 in August. See that you guys are due with #4! WOW! Congrats!

  4. Corina2:14 AM

    You're prayers are amazing, Lora!!!
    I wished you would make a song out of that prayer - and put it on a cd (like the one we made for your dad) and mail it to me :-D

    I'm once again really encouraged and inspired by you - you're a very tough woman, do you know that? :-)

    Love ya!! Be richly blessed from our heavenly big daddy ;-)




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