Saturday, March 15, 2008


It has been three weeks since my last post - I can't believe it! I have good reason though. I've been keeping a big secret and couldn't just write about any old thing on my blog when I've got such a BIG thing on my heart and mind.

So, without further ado....

I am pregnant! Yes, that's right, number four is on the way! I am 9 weeks pregnant and the baby is due on October 20th. It's been a wild ride so far - lots of emotions racing through me. I've been battling morning sickness and fatique, too. But, God is good, and things are getting better and easier day by day.

Just wanted all my blogging friends to know the good news, too.

Have a blessed day!


  1. woohoo!!! children are a blessing!! YOU ARE BLESSED!!!

    love ya---

  2. Oh congrats! How exciting!!! I bet Ruth wants a sister :)

  3. YEAH!!! Lora I am so blessed by our friendship! So excited to go through this new journey with you!

  4. Praise the Lord, Lora!!! That's wonderful news!

  5. Corina9:53 AM

    it's soooooooooooooooo great lora, i'm so so so so happy for you!!!!! :-D awesome, wonderful, hallelujah ;-)

    do the kiddos know that they gonna get a little one? i bet they look forward to see the baby that is "in mummys tummy" :-)

    love and miss you, be richly blessed, corina

  6. Congratulations!!! Aren't you glad you now have this big, beautiful new house!!

  7. Anonymous8:26 PM

    What sweet, supportive friends you have! Don't you feel loved!?

  8. Yay!!!
    I want 4 kids.
    Love you,

  9. I was just thinking the other day, "I wonder when she will have another guess is soon." CONGRATULATIONS!!!! ~ Val

  10. Holy cow, four kids! I guess that officially puts you in the lead! I'm so happy for you guys. I remember thinking last October that that would be a good month to have a baby.

  11. Lora...we rejoice along with all of your friends in this announcement. What a blessing! "Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord". Psalm 127:3

  12. Congrats!!! How exciting. Four is a really good number *smile* and October is a great month for a new baby (my firstborn is an October girl).

    I hope the first trimester ickies are soon replaced with the second trimester surge of energy!


  13. hi lora :-)

    i just told my folks here about your pregnancy, wow, i'm just so so happy for you :-D ... i'm missing your wonderful kids so much, and i wished to live with you again and especially to see the little one then........... miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's hard to work for an organisation that arranges exchanges for students - and i'm not able to go in an exchange again, right now!!! aughhh... we have so many swiss students who are going to the usa, for half a year or a year... and we also have many from the u.s. coming here - i wanna toooooooooooo!!!!!!! :'-(

    by the way, is it snowing over there, too??? it's crazy here, some days ago it was about 70°F, and now it's 32°F again - and snowing a little bit. that's just insane, isn't today the official beginning of spring or so? tztztz....

    well then, wish you all a blessed day, and I say hello to everybody else who is reading that entry and knows me - i miss y'all and i really hope to visit you again!!!!

    love y'all, be richly blessed from our awesome Lord - who gave another little creature into lora's tummy :-) you're so so blessed lora! wow :-D


  14. Hey Lora! So excited for you! Glad to have met you...if you could shoot me an email sometime soon that would be great, I wanted to talk to you about something. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you ever, if you're feelin stressed or just need a break, call me and I'll bring my "pamper package" and you can go take a nice bath and i'll watch the kiddos. Hayden (my baby) loves play dates!

  15. I am 34 weeks! Please pray for me, because Israel is not head down yet. He's not breech, either. He's diagonal. I DO NOT want a c-section. So please help me pray. Thanks Sister ~ Val

  16. Wow! That's great news! Very cool. We are happy for you!

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