Saturday, February 9, 2008

pillow question

Hey everyone-
Got a decorating question - I made this new pillow for my bed a couple days ago and I don't know which side looks better. One is more navy and the other is more khaki. The first picture is of my curtains in my bedroom to give you an idea of the color scheme. My bed is predominately khaki/beige. Let me know which side you vote for. Thanks!
Have a great day, blogging friends! I don't know what the weather's like where you are, but here, it is beautiful and sunny! I gotta take the kiddos for a walk after naptime!


  1. I vote for the first one with more navy. I think it will tie in with the curtains better. Beautiful job!

  2. It hardly looks like there is a difference, so switch it up! Pretty pillow.

  3. i vote for the ligher one! i think it blends with the bed set better. :-)

  4. Anonymous12:01 AM

    I like the second picture (the lighter pillow) best.


  5. Khaki side. it's such a cute pillow.
    The weather here is sunny as well. hooray! it's finally starting to warm up. Lower electric bills are in my future...

  6. diane5:52 PM

    You know that indecision is a trait of mine. Therefore, I say use both sides...the navy when you are feeling bold...the beige when you are feeling subdued. Both are pretty and look very nice with your bedding and curtains.

  7. I voted a couple days ago for the navy side. Sorry it didn't come through.



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