Tuesday, January 22, 2008

she's pulling up!

There's my little princess. She started pulling up last week. This is her favorite place in the the house now. She loves standing here under this little circular coffee table in the corner of my living room. It's a perfect "pulling up" table because it has a little base shelf on the bottom for her to support herself with. And the top of the table has little grooves (like a track) along the edge that is perfect for my boys to put their trains on. Thanks, Sherri, for giving me this table years ago! Who would've thought it would have so many kid-friendly features!


  1. Look at our big girl! Does she grab the boys' trains yet? What a darling...

  2. Diane7:59 PM

    Oh My ! ! ! I am so blessed to call her "grandaughter." She is just growing too fast. I need to see her soon. Love, Diane

  3. Corina6:51 PM

    wow, she's so big already, and she seems to be a lot older than when i saw her the last time! what a precious baby girl you have!!! :-D



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