Tuesday, January 15, 2008

my pretty sink and pillow

Well, I've been "flying" for one week now, and my sink is still shining! It's looked like this the whole week! Praise God! My house is so much cleaner now. This new system has really changed my life! And reduced a lot of the stress I've felt in the past about my housework.

And I made this pillow last night to go on my bed. I got the fabric at Goodwill for $1 - it was an upholstery sample. I used every last bit of the fabric to make this pillow. I am really happy with how it turned out!

My little girl pulled up to her feet this week! A whole new world... She is really moving now! And my 4 year old read his first word a few days ago in preschool! Time is flying by. They'll be graduating before I know it.

Have a blessed week, everybody!


  1. I am starting to "fly" too. I haven't officially started and joined, but I have shined my sink and kept it like that for about 4 days now. It is already changing so much about my house. I love it! I'm hoping to get my mother-in-law to do it with me and start Monday!

  2. Diane6:09 PM

    WOW...Lora...I can actually see the shine in your sink ! Isn't it amazing how just little things can mean a lot..who would ever think a clean, shiny kitchen sink could do so much to lift your spirits ? The pillow you made is beautiful. You are so talented.

  3. Anonymous12:25 PM

    go girl---you are worth it!!
    and you are inspiring!
    love you much!


  4. Corina7:06 PM

    hi lora!

    wow, it's amazing to see your sink shiny like this!!! i still can't believe that a clean sink is the start for a clean house... but it really must be like this :-) at least it works with you, and as i told my parents about that flylady-homepage, my mother nodded and said "yes, that's true!!!"
    hehe, now they want to put a sink in my room, so that my room would be clean all the time too ;-) *lol*

    btw, i clicked on the link to this page of the family with the little girl that was born after 6 month. it's so touching the whole site, their situation, and how this man just trusts and has faith and prays!!! God is awesome, may he help and have mercy on them!

    somehow, his blogentries show me a new standard of faith and trusting... do we really think it's hard to trust God in our situations??? does it really cost us as much to do what's God's will in our lifes???
    thank you for that link!

    well, should go to bed now, it's already 1 in the morning here :-)

    be richly blessed, and keep on flying :-D


  5. I started flying jan 1 2007. It has changed my whole life. I became so much more organized, and determined in every aspect! I now have so much more time than I ever thought I would. Fly-baby-fly



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