Thursday, January 31, 2008

the littlest things

It's funny to me how changing the littlest thing can sometimes make a huge different in your life. Last night, after opening my extremely messy silverware drawer for the hundredth time, I finally did something about it. Right then, in the middle of making dinner, I took everything out of it (and believe me, there was A LOT in it!), washed the plastic silverware tray, and put only the essentials back in the drawer. It took about 15-20 minutes to do, and I felt like a whole new woman afterwards! Here's a picture of the end result!

All of this got me to thinking this morning about how the littlest things, spiritually speaking, can change your outlook and mood. The Bible is full of little verses that may only be a few words long. But take those little verses and apply them to your life and get them rooted in your heart, and your whole life can change.

For example, this morning, I was reading Jeremiah 23:6 - "The Lord our Righteousness..." Those four words can literally transform your life. When we really get ahold of the fact that our righteousness comes from the Lord, and not from anything we can do, we are set free! No longer do we need to wallow in sadness or be downcast! We are saved and made completely whole and clean by Christ alone! Thank you, Lord, for this revelation from Your Word. May we never forget all that You have done on the cross for us!


  1. I completely understand what you mean - I feel that way whenever I take a few minutes to clear the counter bar in my kitchen!

  2. I too just cleaned out my utensil drawer before Joshua arrived and bought one of those metal mesh organizers - I love it and don't mind unloading the dishwasher nearly as much knowing it is going in an organized place :)

  3. Anonymous4:56 PM

    you're so right lora, the littlest things can make such a difference!!! i just did that i few days ago with the little table i have near to my bed. usually there was a lot of stuff, just a big mess. i organised everything, and then i put a little candle on the table. now i always like to light the candle before i go to bed, and there's no mess anymore ;-)

    be VERY blessed!!!

  4. corina from over the ocean4:57 PM

    sorry, i wanted to put my name on the last comment but pressed the wrong button.
    it's me, corina :-)



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