Wednesday, December 26, 2007

our mountain river vacation

We just got back from a wonderful little vacation to the mountains. We stayed in a cozy cabin in Burnsville, NC on the Cain River. It was just beautiful. Clint and the boys went out to the river to fish and throw rocks in the water. They just loved being with their Daddy for four full days - no work, no interruptions... heaven. Clint and I also celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary! And, Benjamin turned four while we were there! AND, Ruth started crawling! What a week! Here are some pictures from our trip:

1. The happy couple
2. Ruth, always with a smile on her face, in front of the huge fireplace that Clint loved!
3. Benjamin in awe of the cake that mommy baked and daddy decorated. Who needs a $19 fancy cake from the grocery store bakery when you've got Clint to draw Thomas the Train?!
4. Benjamin blowing out the candles - gotta love the hat! (we ALL wore them!)
5. Leo looking through his birthday horn - I think he thinks its a telescope or something...
6. Benjamin and Clint fishing on the river right outside our cabin - so precious...

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