Friday, December 21, 2007

five things i love friday

1. these pictures of the boys! when we went to atlanta a couple weeks ago, we stayed with some dear friends of ours in their beautifully furnished basement. benjamin and leo shared a room (look at benjamin in that big bed!). when i came in to tuck them in after putting ruth down, here they were reading books in bed! it was so cute!
2. a new cd. i just got Sarah McMillan's cd called Under Your Bright Wings. it is really great.
3. Winter Break. Clint's off for two weeks! I am so happy he's gonna be around more for awhile! It's gonna be great.
4. vacation!! we are going to the mountains for 3 nights to stay in a cabin right on the river. we leave on sunday. we'll have benjamin's 4th birthday and our 7th anniversary there. i am so excited!
5. rice crispy treats. i made some last week. i had been craving them for several weeks, and finally went to the store and got the stuff to make them. my mom used to make them for me when i was little. they are so yummy!

Have a wonderful day, everybody!

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