Friday, December 7, 2007

five things I love friday

Five Things I Love:
1. ROCKING CHAIRS - i love rocking my kids - we sing this little song -"We're rocking, we're rocking, we're rocking in the chair. We're rocking, we're rocking, we're rocking everywhere." This picture is of Leo in a very old rocking chair we got from Clint's grandmother.
2. TWINKLING WHITE LIGHTS - i have some hanging up in our screened in porch year round. Clint hung them up for me on my birthday last April.
3. PAPER SNOWFLAKES - the picture is of a string of them that Corina made to hang in our dining room for Hanukkah - so pretty!
4. GOING TO GET THE MAIL EACH DAY - i love that feeling I get when I walk out to the mailbox - such anticipation! And lately, I've been getting lots of fun letters and packages.
5. THE BIBLE - I love it when I flip open the Bible, needing encouragement, and it falls open to just the passage I need! Thank you, Lord, for your Living Word!

1 comment:

  1. I love those paper snowflakes. I'm going to hang some this year, I can't wait. Now I'm more motivated than ever.



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