Saturday, December 15, 2007

family picture and pillows

Here's one more picture of all of the family that got together for my dad's surprise party. We had a great day on Sunday at their house just playing outside in their backyard. It was a beautiful day! The children had a blast playing with all of their cousins. I was so happy that my parents could see all their children and grandchildren enjoying their yard that they had landscaped a few years ago (complete with a slide, swing sets, bridge and playhouse!) It was awesome!

The other pictures are of pillows I made for my friend, Jenn. I found two great oversized pillow shams at the thrift store for 85 cents each! Then, I cut them up and made five pillows out of the fabric. I think they turned out really well. The Lord is showing me more and more about the gift of resourcefulness that we as homemakers have. And being in a place of need and not having a whole lot of money these days has forced me to be creative and look for ways to sew things that will make my home and my friend's homes beautiful and peaceful. It is a great blessing and joy for me! I am convinced that the Lord takes great delight in us when we, as wives and mothers, strive to create a haven out of our home for our husbands and children. What an awesome privelege we have!

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