Wednesday, November 21, 2007

a thankful heart

"A thankful heart prepares the way for You, My God..."

That's a line from a song off the Enter the Worship Circle CD. I love that. Help me, Lord, to be thankful, especially during this Thanksgiving week. We are blessed with SO much, Lord! How can I thank thee, Lord - let me count the ways...

I am thankful for my:

1. relationship with Jesus
2. wonderful husband
3. three precious children
4. family
5. friends
6. beautiful house
7. a van that has heat and air!
8. heat and air conditioning in my house
9. health
10. freedom to worship without fear in my country
11. food on my table
12. clothes on my back
13. money in my bank account
14. church
15. computer
16. you! :)

I could go on and on...but that's a start. if you want to make a list, let me know so i can read yours! let's take tomorrow and focus on having a thankful heart!

To close, let's remember a line from a VeggieTales movie:


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  1. you are so cute. I love reading your blog. :-)



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