Thursday, November 22, 2007

the table is set

We had a nice Thanksgiving day. Clint's parents and sister and her son came for two nights. We also had our sweet Swiss girl, Corina, her German friend, Anne, and a co-worker of Clint's, Mark. A full house! It was great to host a fancy meal in our house for the first time since we moved here. The dining room looked so pretty! I made some name cards to put on each plate with card stock of burnt orange and lighter orange. I used special wavy scissors and a stamp with the word "Blessed" on it. They turned out really cute. I so enjoyed setting the table! There's something about eating a meal at a really beautiful table. It makes it so special. You know, maybe there's something to that. Maybe, we as wives, need to strive to make every meal special like that. I'm not talking about an elaborate table like a Thanksgiving day table, but I am suggesting doing a little extra something each mealtime for our husbands and children. - like lighting a pretty candle, putting a flower in a vase, or leaving a love note on the plate. God, help us to create happy, warm, and welcoming tables for our families to feel loved, appreciated and cherished.

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  1. Lora...the table was beautiful ! Your idea for expressing our gratitude for our blessings was meaningful. It was great to spend Thanksgiving with all of you, your friends, and our family.



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