Saturday, November 24, 2007

two more pictures

Here's pictures of the whole table and the turkey. I had some computer problems yesterday and could only send one picture. The centerpieces for the two tables were simple. I used simple things like a candle, a vase of mums from our yard, and a small pumpkin surrounded by leaves and nuts that the boys collected from the area. Doesn't Clint's turkey look beautiful? He used a pomegranate and a grapefruit as a garnish. I'm so proud of him!

I forgot to say that I wrote a bunch of things that we can be thankful for on pretty little cards and put them on the table. Before we said the blessing for the meal, each person took two little cards and we went around the group and read our cards. It was fun to remember all the big and little things to be thankful for. And it was neat because the very last card read was "God". We didn't even plan that! He is the best thing to be thankful for! Without Him, we wouldn't have anything else to be thankful for!

I'm taking a poll- what's your favorite Thanksgiving leftover? It's a toss up for me - probably pumpkin pie or ham.


  1. favorite leftover is a turkey sandwich with mayo and cranberry sauce.
    Your table and Clint's turkey are beautiful. I love your idea about the thankful cards. Wish we'd done that.

  2. I agree with your Mom. I enjoy turkey sandwiches with cranberry relish on the side...and pumpkin pie and apple pie and pecan pie and on and on and on. Everything left over from Thanksgiving is good to me and God is so good to provide us with all of these wonderful foods....and everything else He provides. We are so blessed, aren't we?

  3. definitely whatever pie is left. you can't beat pie! :-)



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