Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My audience of One

For those of you that prayed for me on Saturday morning, thank you so much. It went really well. I was not that nervous and God showed up in a powerful way! It felt good to sing and play. I've missed it. Most importantly, it was great to see how God has been working in me over the past year and a half while I've been on a break from being on stage. I feel like He has been taking out the desire in me to please people. I am really learning now that He is my only audience. He is the one that deserves all the praise and glory! I pray that I will get more opportunities to use my gifts and talents for Him.

And Mom, here's song lyrics you requested. I wrote this song about a week ago and we played it on Saturday.

Come Our Way

Come upon us, Lord, we pray
Fall down on us, Lord, today
We need You, Jesus, more each day
Won't you come on, Lord, come on, Lord
And come our way

You are faithful to hear our cry
When we call upon You
And You're loving us, chasing us
Even when we run from You


Just one glance, Oh Lord, from Your eyes
Brings us back to life
Just one touch of Your garment, Lord
And we're healed as You pass by


Bring Your healing
Bring Your peace
Bring Your healing
Bring relief



  1. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Thanks, Honey.

  2. Lora I seriously loved hearing you sing this song. I had it in my head all day! i want a recording ;-) AND I want you to dedicate your first album to me.



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