Thursday, September 13, 2007

the latest

"Oh no, what we gonna do? The King likes Daniel more than me and you...."

That's what's playing on the VCR while I am writing this. For all my fellow mamas out there, you know what's on... Veggie Tales! Where would we be without them?

Here's a picture of the latest quilt that I started yesterday. I think it's gonna turn out really pretty. Next to it is a scarf I am crocheting. I love it so much. The yarn is so great. I have been sewing like a mad woman lately. I am going to sell my stuff at a conference our church is having in two weeks. A lot of people usually come every year so I am pretty excited. I am going to sell mostly baby blankets (nursies), bibs, burp cloths, stuffed bunnies, crocheted scarves, tote bags and a bunch of jewelry. I am interested to see what kind of response I get. Most of all, I am excited to meet new people and connect and hopefully minister, too. God has given me this crafting bug for something, I'm sure! :)

Here's the latest stage of hair growth... My hubby said to me today, "You've made it through the wilderness." haha.. It was pretty rough for awhile. I wore my share of bandanas... But I think, like Clint said, I have made it through the worst part. Thank God for bobby pins!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Sounds like you have a lot going on but that you are having fun! I hope you sell everything at your church event :0).

    Also, I know it seems like it will take forever for your hair to grow out to where you want it, but I am sure it is growing faster than you think. I was looking at my drivers license picture from June '05 and my hair was cut in a bob that came to the bottom of my ears... now my hair has grown halfway down my back (and I have always thought that my hair grew sooo slow... but I guess that is only because I would get impatient with the growing out process and go get it whacked off again - LOL).




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