Monday, June 25, 2007

ruth graham

I only have a few minutes to write a post, but I wanted to mention part of an article that my mother-in-law sent me about Ruth Graham. When asked by a reporter how she managed being a mother of four with her husband Billy traveling all the time around the world, she said that she made it through "on her knees". She might not have had the best quiet times and long, intimate moments with the Lord, but her children said that her Bible was always propped open wherever she was, whether it was on the ironing board, on the dryer, or on the kitchen counter. She was always reading a verse here or a verse there when she had a minute or two. And those quick moments in the Word were what kept her going and gave her the grace she needed to make it through. That article greatly encouraged me to keep going!

My internet access these days is limited (hopefully not for long) so I might not be posting as frequently or returning emails as much. Sorry!

Have a blessed day!

Current craft: I made a really cute "carefree summer bag" (that's what Martha Stewart called it) out of a pillowcase! I hope to write out the directions for the pattern soon - I got it out of her magazine. It took me a couple of hours to make. Cost - 25 cents! (I got the pillowcase from a garage sale!)

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  1. Anonymous1:07 PM

    I find that encouraging - I fall into sometimes saying I don't have time to read...but there are plenty of "little moments" I can steal to study a verse...
    Thanks for sharing.
    Love ya -



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