Saturday, May 19, 2007

i'm in love

We are overjoyed with our little Ruth. She is so beautiful and sweet! I love to just look at her. It's so amazing having a little girl! God is so good!

Here's a few more pictures. (The first one is me holding my Mother's Day card in the hospital. We had just decided on her name - it's written in my card. We were so happy!)

I'll write more when I am not so tired. It's kind of crazy right now. If anybody needs prayer, just let me know your requests. I am up a lot of the night these nights and have lots of time in the middle of the night to pray!


  1. ok seriously folks, this baby is ADORABLE! I've seen her in person and I can tell you first hand, those pictures do NOT do her justice! And same about her mom :-)

  2. susanna5:30 PM

    one of your greatest & best creations yet!! congrats lora!



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