Friday, April 20, 2007

five things i love friday

1. mint chocolate chip ice cream - i am eating some right now
2. a night when i don't have to get up to pee more than once! this crazy pregnant body of mine!
3. when my 20 month old says to me, "hold you?"
4. making jewelry
5. sewing

My post is not very deep today, nor very spiritual. I am all out of deepness, it seems. All I can think about these days is wanting to have this baby! I am ready to begin the next phase. I have been so super emotional and hormonal these days, too, that crying spells seem to happen daily now. Your prayers would be appreciated!

On a good side note - my 3 year old is finally making some progress with potty training! Praise God! We are pretty much down to 2 diapers a day (for nap and bedtime).

Current crafts: I just recently finished sewing a boy quilt and a girl quilt for the new baby. So pretty! I love the girl one especially. I also just made several pairs of beaded earrings with the beautiful beads that my sister-in-law sent me for my birthday - thanks, Paula!


  1. YAY! I love hearing all about you.
    When I get a chance later, I am going to have to link up my blog to yours..
    Know that you are being spiritual just by being a mom. Don't strive, just rest.. labor is ahead. Only a few more days to go!! I am praying for you. Love you...

  2. Ohh, post pictures of the quilts. Quilting blankets for babies is my absolute favorite thing to do! Good for you. I'm impressed you did two and they are already done :)

  3. Anonymous2:04 PM

    "AHHHHHH" I miss you guys! God Bless you, I hope you're successful.. when you come back to visit, make sure you come see me.. I pray God's hand is with you! Blessings on the new Baby...
    "Miss Olivia" Musgrove
    (at Laura's house)



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