Friday, April 27, 2007

five pictures i love friday

This week, I am going to post five pictures I love instead of a plain old list. Here's the descriptions:
1. my husband and I at a wedding last July. I love this picture! (and I love my sweet, cute husband!)
2. the beautiful flowers and delicious homemade bread that my hubby had waiting for me in my new kitchen the day we moved
3. our Passover dinner this year - it was so fun! (notice my new haircut, too)
4. my 20 month old asleep on the floor one of the first nights we put him in his new big boy bed - so cute! (and it was dark in the room -we've got quite a flash on our camera!) - he's sleeping in the bed now. haha
5. (sorry it's sideways - couldn't figure out how to rotate it!) the beautiful tree that we had painted on our hallway leading up to the second floor. this is a picture that illustrates the beauty of compromise between husbands and wives. my hubby wanted to split this long wall in half, one half being painted green and the other yellow. i wanted the whole wall yellow. finally, we compromised and had our friend who painted the house (who's also an artist) paint a tree where the colors met. i am amazed at how neat it came out. i love it, and it just goes to show that it's worth it to compromise and meet in the middle. God honors that!

And on a final happy note, my 3 1/2 year old pooped on the potty today! i am so excited! he did it on his own and came and told me. i have been praying about this potty training thing for months now, and the Lord has answered my prayers. so now, he's down to only one diaper at night now! Praise God!

Have a great day!
I'll let all of you know when the baby comes!


  1. susanna9:10 PM

    Lora--you are blessed among women, and i'm glad to know you!!

  2. Hey Lora,
    Sooo good to hear from you! Let us know when the baby comes. We miss seeing you too. Beautiful work. I'll have to send you some pics of the baby quilts I am in the process of making. Be blessed!



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