Saturday, November 25, 2006

life in balance

Our computer has been broken since right before we moved. I didn't realize how much time I spent on the internet until I didn't have a computer. It's crazy! So for the past six weeks, I can pretty much only check my email about once or maybe twice a week. Blogging is pretty much out of the question because my kids can only be quiet and still for so long - I usually check my email at the library computers. I sure miss my blog, emailing, and surfing the web. But, you know what? My life is no less rich for this lack of computer time. In reality, I am probably more focused on my roles as a wife and mother.
We will be getting a new (or rather, new to us) computer soon. Hopefully, God will show me how to use it in balance and not in excess.
So, for all you readers out there - I want to encourage you to evaluate how much time you are spending on the computer these days. Is it getting in the way of the things or relationships in your life that are really more important? I hope we can all receive grace from our Lord to say no sometimes and let that email go unanswered or that blog go un-posted (is that a word?) so that we can have a quiet moment with our two year old instead or clean the kitchen. God can be glorified in those things. Those little, seemingly insignificant things can become ways to worship God if done with a right heart attitude.
Have a blessed day!

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  1. What a wonderful post and so true. It is sometimes so hard to balance everything and it is nice to be able to step back to re-prioritize.

    Thank you for an update... you have been missed.

    Have a blessed day,



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