Tuesday, August 22, 2006

turning my eyes upon Jesus

Well, I am still waiting. But, I think that we will know soon ~ this house will have a contract soon! I keep believing... I have the "UNDER CONTRACT" sign that goes on the For Sale sign outside our house sitting here in front of me at my computer. I keep looking at it and exercising my faith in my God that has promised me favor and blessing. I know that He will take care of me and my family. The enemy's job, I am realizing, is to get me to forget that fact. The devil likes to distract me with little problems and setbacks so I will take my eyes of Jesus. When my eyes are truly on Jesus, and not on my problems, everything is rosy. :) My problems seem so small and I see life through His beautiful eyes. He reminds me once again that His plans for me are good and His love for me is sure.

My hubby left a little Pass It On card on my keyboard that I am typing on. It reads:

Pray in faith and you will not live in doubt

Good advice. Maybe I should take it. :)

One other thing that I am learning: It is so important, as wives, to be a ray of sunshine to our husbands. They have so much on their minds. They are the providers, leaders, husbands and fathers. The least we can do is to make their days happier and less complicated. I fear that too often I complicate my hubby's days and put more stress on to him. Just a little word to all of us wives out there. What a wonderful honor it is to bless our husbands by lightening their load and not adding to it.

(So if you're reading this, my sweet husband, please forgive me for not being as supportive and encouraging as I should be.)

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