Monday, August 14, 2006

a thankful heart

I am learning an important lesson from the Lord ~ having a thankful heart. When troubles come and things happen that you don't like or understand, it is important to always have a thankful heart. Thank God for everything. He has His ways. He has His purposes. He has promised us that all things work together for GOOD! (Romans 8:28) As we thank Him, praise is born. Worship is born. There is power in thankfulness. There is a line from a song on the Enter the Worship Circle CD that is really good:

A thankful heart prepares the way for you, My God

Are we preparing the way for God by our heart attitude? Or are we giving in to worry, complaining, despair, and self-pity? What do those negative attitudes do in us? Are they helping us and our situation, or are they hurting us and only making our situation worse?

So, let's all decide today to be thankful, no matter what! God is FOR us! He loves us, and He is working things out for our GOOD! :)

Current crafts: jewelry, cards, crochet ~ busy, busy, busy!

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  1. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Lora, What a blessing you are to me, dear, dear daughter-in-law !!! I have just read all of your messages from the beginning to the end and you are such an encourager !! Pouring out your heart as you do here on this website is a gift and reminds me that, as believers, we are the eyes, ears and voice of Jesus and we should always strive to let others see HIM in us. And you are doing just that. I am so thankful for you. God knew that you needed to be in our family. Forgive me for not telling you that often enough. I love you. Diane



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