Friday, August 11, 2006

five things i love friday

I just listed a bunch of new jewelry items on my etsy website. I've been making so much jewelry lately!! It's so fun.. Here are a few of the new pieces that are on there. The charm on that pearl necklace says "Hope". (and yes, that's me wearing it - haha.. I'm a model! :) ) When you have a free minute, check out my little site to see what I've been busy making.

Five Things I Love Friday

1. making jewelry
2. an unexpected piece of good news
3. watching my husband work in the garden (especially when he's got his straw hat on and picking tomatoes!)
4. when my 11 month old wants to cuddle with me
5. my new favorite movie "Ushpizin"

You know, I just want to take a moment and give praise to God. He is so awesome! He has shown Himself strong to me in so many wonderful ways lately! Thank you, Lord, for being so awesome! You are truly great and greatly to be praised!

Current crafts: lots of jewelry, a crocheted baby blanket for a pregnant friend, a crocheted scarf to sell later this fall


  1. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Hi Lori
    My name is Caelene. I am 28 and a good friend of Pat's in Texas. She is getting me connected to you as she says you are awesome!
    What is Ushpizin?

    I am South African, married to a TExan - just had our first baby - Judah. He is almost 3 months and waking up right now!

    Love Morning Star church. Love Jesus. Want to get some good tips on raising babies in the Kingdom.

    Gotta run.

  2. Hi Caelene ~
    Thanks for your sweet comment. And congratulations on your baby Judah! I love that name! Ushpizin is a Jewish movie with Hebrew subtitles about the Feast of Tabernacles and the power of prayer - awesome movie!
    Keep reading! I hope I can give you some "good tips" :)
    Have a blessed day!



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