Sunday, July 23, 2006

the LOVE of God

Well, I finally made some things with my hands! It's been too long. I put together a little care package for a friend yesterday. I made her two pairs of earrings, a card, and a cute little bookmark that says "Rejoice". I put those in the package along with this little crocheted hotpad that I made several months ago. It felt good to use my creative talents a little - a good release from all this house-selling stress I've been having.

Today at church, we sang the song "His Banner over Me"~

He brought me to His banqueting table (2x)
And His banner over me is LOVE

I am my beloved's and He is mine (2x)
And His banner over me is LOVE

His banner over me, His banner over you, His banner over us
is LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (2x chorus)

And we can feel the LOVE of God in this place
We believe Your goodness, we receive Your grace
We delight ourselves at Your table, Oh God,
You do all things well ~ just look at our lives.

The pastor who spoke said that when we truly understand the LOVE of God and how much He loves us, all our worries and fears and pains and burdens will fade away. They will seem so small and insignificant. I am trying to meditate on God's LOVE today (I need to everyday!)
Maybe then all my silly worries and fears about what's going on in my life these days will seem so tiny. I know that if I step back and try to look at it all from God's perspective, I realize just how silly it is to worry. He is in control. He knows the best way. He sees all that I cannot see that lies before me.

Current crafts: Two pairs of beaded earrings, two handmade cards, and bookmark with stamp, vellum flower sticker, crayon, "Believe" stamp, and yarn tassle


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