Wednesday, July 12, 2006

the evidence of things unseen

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen."

I keep hearing that scripture in my head. I just got an email from a new friend in our soon to be new hometown. She and her husband are building a house just a few doors down from our house. She emailed me two pictures of our new house!! They started building last Friday so I assumed not much would be completed yet. Boy, was I wrong! The whole house has been framed - with the front and everything - even the door is in! Oh my gosh, I cannot believe this is my house!!! I have been so consumed and overwhelmed with life down here in Georgia (with selling our house here and packing) that I had forgotten what awaits me in South Carolina. Boy, did those little pictures jolt me back into my true reality!

All this made me think of our everyday lives as Christians. We are surrounded by various trials and tribulations, as well as just little distractions that take us away from God. We are so consumed with our "house" here on earth that we forget our new "house" that awaits us in heaven. Help us, Lord, to live in faith - the place where the "unseen" is much more real than the "seen" could ever be!

Current craft: packing - ha - is that considered to be a craft? for my husband, it truly is an artform :)

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