Thursday, June 22, 2006

trusting God

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. There is so much to be done around the house, and not enough time, it seems. I am struggling with my emotions. It's so hard sometimes to just let go and trust God with the details of life. We can get so focused on ourselves and our circumstances that we forget the big picture. God is on His throne. He is in control. He wants the best for us. Oh, how I need to remember those things this morning!
I've been painting so much the past few days! I've got paint all over my hands and nails. I might take a day off of painting today. I've got to finish those bookmarks I've been making for my friend's going away party. I just found out yesterday that I've been putting the wrong email address on them! So, I am going to have to fix all the ones I've made so far. I am trying not to get upset about that. Stuff like that happens in life - we've got to be flexible and adjust.

Joyce Meyer has a great saying that I've been quoting a lot lately:

"You've got two options - You can either trust God, or you can go absolutely nuts."

That is so true! Help me, Lord, to trust you! I feel like I am going nuts. Help me to leave everything in your hands!

Current crafts: painting, bookmarks

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