Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I read a devotional recently that was really good. Here's a little bit:

"When the devil tries to give us care, we are supposed to turn and give that care to God. That's what prayer is, our acknowledgement to the Lord that we cannot carry our burden of care, so we lay it all on Him.. If we pray about something and then keep on worrying about it, we are mixing a positive and a negative. The two cancel each other out so that we end up right back where we started - at zero.

Prayer is a positive force; worry is a negative force. The Lord has told me that the reason many people operate at zero power level spiritually is that they cancel out their positive prayer power by giving into the negative power of worry.

As long as we are worrying, we are not trusting God. It is only by trusting, by having faith and confidence in the Lord, that we are able to enter into His rest and enjoy the peace that transcends all understanding."
~ from "The Joy of Believing Prayer" by Joyce Meyer

Isn't that great? I'd never thought about worry like that before.

I had a fun day yesterday. In an effort to help my toddler with his not-so-great behavior lately, I planned a date for just the two of us. A sweet friend from church offered to keep the baby while I took my little buddy out to his first movie on the big screen. He was so excited! When we walked in the giant theater, he was awestruck. He looked all around and studied the little lights on the floor and ceiling. When the lights went down and the show began, he sat so still in the oversized chair for his little body eating goldfish crackers out of a ziploc bag. He was mesmerized. It was so cute. After about 40 minutes or so, he turned to me and said, "Go home?" It was fun while it lasted. :) Good thing it was free! (www.regmovies.freefamilyflicks) Our date continued at the mall where he got to eat one of his favorite meals - a chicken nuggets kids meal from Chick Fil A. He got a cute little book as his prize about a gosling. I think the date was a success. He's been doing better since then. Maybe all he needed was a little one on one attention from mommy.

A dear friend is moving away today. I went over and said goodbye last night. So sad... I am happy for her and all that God is doing. He is leading her and her husband to a great new place, but I am sad to lose her in my daily life. She's been a great source of encouragement to me, and I will miss her! It's so hard to say goodbye. Going through this has made me realize all the more that it's going to be me moving away in just 2 months. God, prepare me...

On a crafting note, I tried my hand at a charcoal pencil sketch for the first time. It was fun! I drew a big tree with a swing hanging from one of its branches. There's a girl that resembles me swinging on the swing. I wrote the word "peace" under the other side of the tree. That picture reminds me of peace - swinging from a tree swing, my hair blowing in the breeze, the warmth of the sun on my face, the singing of birds in my ear. Ahhh.... wish I could be in that place right now. Lord, take me there with You!

Current crafts: charcoal sketch, earrings for my friend that watched my little one

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