Saturday, May 27, 2006


"She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands." ~ Proverbs 31:13

That verse is in the chapter in Proverbs about being an excellent wife. I was led to it when I first started really getting into crochet. God really spoke to me and encouraged me that I can be a great wife (and mother) just by being fruitful with my hands and not idle. (I would encourage every woman out there to read that whole chapter - it is really good.)

In the last 6 months or so, God has given me a desire to create things with my hands. It started with crochet. Jewelry and card-making soon followed after. I can't explain it totally, but I get such joy and fulfillment out of creating something beautiful with my hands, especially when I know it will bless someone else. It is such a wonderful feeling. I know that God has given this to me as a gift. Just as I create things with my hands to hopefully bless others, I know that He creates something wonderful with His hands every time He touches my life!

I want to use this blog to journal my crafting and how it relates to my faith. I hope this little site encourages you as you seek to find a connection with your Maker as you make things with your hands (even if all you can make is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for your toddler! - we are all on a creative journey - and that is the most important part!) We are His hands and His feet to a world that is searching for true love and peace.

God bless!
Lora :) (click on link to see what I've been making lately)

Current craft - greeting cards with flowers, leaves and inspirational quotes


  1. Kool! Just surfin and found yer blog. Keep them hands busy and do it with a great big God loves you smile!

  2. marbeck7:26 PM

    Hi Lora! You have your OWN little ministry on Etsy AND now on your own BLOG! I LOVE it!! I now understand the name of your store... what a wonderful analogy! I LOVE people's hands and tend to watch they move them, gesture with them, etc. AND our LORD HOLDS us in the palm of His hand.... AND HE HOLDS our hand! You are wonderful, and I LOVE you! have a GREAT day ... Becky (marbeck)

  3. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Hi Lora - I love this. Printed out your last email from work so I could take some time to look at your jewelry, your website. Not much time to write this morning but just wanted you to know I plan to spend some time here soon. Gotta get ready for CP Morgan, go in at 11 today. We are somewhat restricted at work w/emails, no access to the internet for the most part so send me stuff to this address so I can enjoy !! You are a blessing, what encouragement you "dispense", I can sense that even with just a few minutes here. Off to the shower, I'll read and write more later. Have an awesome day, so neat to know I will KNOW YOU FOREVER because of Jesus. Outa here - Jan



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